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We develop creative social media experiences that are both engaging and click worthy.

Just explore a little bit about what exactly social media marketing is?

On an average, all the internet users spend at least 120 minutes every day on social media interacting with different brands and seeking information on various lifestyle needs. So, social media platform is a huge network of users who just love to share, seek and create information. It has also evolved into something more than merely a platform for content distribution. Social media platform can be used as a medium to sell your products and services by creating an effective social media advertisement. Hence, this practice of marketing a company’s product and services using social media network is called as Social Media Marketing (SMM). A customized content is developed for various social media platforms to boost engagement and promote your brand.

How can you,as a business owner, make use of this network in a way that benefits your company?

Business development tactics have quickly become inextricably linked to social media outlets. When it comes to creating genuine connections with customers, you can’t ignore the power of social. SMM is a measurable, faster and easier way to establish a database of prospects because in this digital world, everything happens online. With more visibility your company will have more conversion opportunities.

How can we help you do a good SMM of your products and services?

We can help you create leads on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Some of the most effective SMM ways to get prospects into your sales funnels are paid ad campaign, give ways campaign, video marketing, content marketing through various posts, etc. But this is not as easy we think. Similar to the offline marketing world, it is critical to make your customers happy on your social media platform too regardless of how you do it. Your social media followers may be drawn to your company’s website only through attractive and compelling content. If your narrative or content is not worth sharing, your social media marketing efforts will be in vain. Appaddindia, as your full service SMM partner, provides you with the most up to date social media trends, strategies and winning recommendation. You will never have to be concerned about not having enough time, attention or resources to avoid missing out. Allow our team of seasoned writers, graphic designers and content marketing experts to handle your social media accounts so that you can focus on your business. We provide individualized cross channel experiences by setting up and managing your social media accounts for marketing your products and services on social media platforms. While the opportunities on this platform for growth are limitless, we continuously convey the appropriate message through these channels to the right audience at the right time to achieve success. With our proven campaign management tactis, our paid SMM services enhance brand awareness and acquisitions by targeting customers where they are most often online. These campaigns boost brands interaction and engagement with their social media consumers. We do more than just post when we establish your social media presence as part of your complete marketing strategy. We do this by speaking your brand’s language, representing your firm as brand ambassadors. making real relationships and interacting positively as your organizations. Whenever required we evaluate your present SMM strategy, as well as your website and other digital marketing assets for critical KPIs and if needed, upgrade to current best practices to help you meet your marketing objectives. Our SMM strategy also involves finding various factors that is affecting your brand marketing like use of outdated technology, pricing policy, consistency of your content and graphics with your brand, use of relevant SM platform for marketing, etc. We also keep a close eye on what your competitors doing on social media, what works for them and what doesn’t, as it’s one of the important elements of your SMM to take advantage over your competitors.